MOBILE ARENA – ACTION MOBA for Free on APK Download.

Enjoy the thrill of playing your favorite MOBA Mobile anywhere with HD graphics and animations are cool. Choose your favorites from a collection Hero Hero unique and play with responsive controls.

Mobile Arena 5v5 multiplayer action game is a battle arena, which was made with great attention to fairness and balance, so that victory can only be achieved with the skill of a true gamer.

Come join the community first mobile MOBA Garena Indonesia with over 100 million users worldwide! Feel happy to play multiplayer action game and the PC MOBA anywhere and anytime. Defeat your opponent with just a touch of fingers and prove that you are the king at the Arena Monterrey.


1. classic 5v5 MOBA favorites, focused on the fight with the opponent!
Main opponents and genuine friend in real time. Master the battle arena and destroy your opponent in a 5v5 battle !!

2. True MOBA Mobile Fair
No pay to win, pure skill! No special purchases for additional status. Skin 100% just a costume, winning and losing depend only on the skill in this competitive game.

3. Graphics HD, enjoy the cool visual effects PC MOBA in hapemu
Defeat your enemy with style! With HD graphics display, enjoy the cool look of your hero and defeat an opponent in a 5v5 battle with skill cool visual effect like playing PC MOBA.

4. Many options Hero! There Hero NEW every week!
There will be a selection of more than 30 unique Hero with skill and cool character designs. Play a variety of Hero NEW every week.

5. Control & Item Manager that is easily understood
It’s easy, with virtual gamepad responsive, manager of items automatically, and the system auto assists for accurate target of the attack. Nothing else AFK while selecting the items and one attack targets! Mastered and focus have a blast dominate the battle!

6. Server and Local Service Garena Indonesia!
Mobile Arena is present in the local server, match making just a few seconds and felt a fierce battle with anywhere and anytime, directly from hapemu. There is a problem? Do not worry, enjoy the services of our Customer Service. We are ready to help solve your problem.

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