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In the vast and beautiful Tiya mainland, enveloped the strange mystery,
Pursuing the answer to the protagonist and his Ranger friends go forward,
With youth and blood to depict scenes belonging to the hero’s story picture!

—- Game Features —-
Open city
2D horizontal version of the main city map, millions of players in the maps, you can PK with other, kill the BOSS, pick the chest up, also there are fun game you would find in each map.

Home system
Reach the level to unlock private home systems, you can cultivate the home results tree, production equipment crystl, and also can invite your friends to visit your home

Squares battle
Use squares turn-based combat mode, up to 30 heroes can set up strategyly, 24 different effects of skills can choose, to make the battle infinite possibilities

Heroic engraving
In order to enhance the heroes’ combat capability, we use the alchemy to produce more than 30 sets of mintmarks, each hero & mintmark with different combinations, can be very surprise.

City hegemony
Join the guild, can participate in the battle of various cities, become the Santo, dominate the party.

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