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[ Endless fantasy world VS boutique MMORPG]
things fantasy world, with more than 100 personality rich NPC, more than 200 kinds of natural resources, and more than 300 kinds of Q Meng pet, plus up to thousands of fantasy Monster, creating an infinite adventure experience!

【Conquest it! Arena! Ancient city! WORLD BOSS]
want to experience adrenal surge king arena, becoming Ares? Still want to challenge the ancient monster, Raiders Ancient Town, to become a hero? It is to conquer the world boss, defeat the dragon of legend, became the Savior do? Timeless adventure Psalms Wait for you to write!

[Modeling Variety, a variety of accessories, to create their own appearance] to
break the hand travel framework, the unique pinch face system and more than 100 million kinds of fashion with, so you can change the shape every day, to create their own unique mini Knight, never Zhuangshan!

[Large-scale full-service forces of war, to compose a legendary classic battle]
In the “forces of war” play the game, players can choose to play assault soldiers, scouts, soldiers, siege, soldiers and other supplies to the different branches of the military for their own Camp to make a contribution, through the players in the battlefield in the good performance, in addition to the camp can bring the supreme glory, but also for their own rich and massive reward Oh!

[With thousands of gorgeous COMBO, become a unique mini hero ]
“mini Knights” has more than three hundred kinds of attack skills, with thousands in passive ability that allows players to speak freely in the battle space, come to create their own unique imba combo !!

[immortal classic adventure Chapter, with your return to the original heart of
the movement 】 【classic game operations are played, high-quality map fighting screen, lead you to embark on the sacred freedom of the capital! To the most spectacular adventure trip!

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