Free Download MINI FANTASY

MINI FANTASY for Free on APK Download.

Focus on strategy, Mini Fantasy, a stunning strategy game is available now!
– REAL TIME Play & chat with millions of Players from around the world
– Stunning retina graphics and highly polished interface.
– Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system.
– 30+ different Classes with radically different strategies to master.
– Full game support for scoreboards and achievements.
Train your teams to lead it into action packed battles & watch the fighting in real-time on the stunning Map.
Team up & join Forces with guildmates or smack-talk & burn your enemies!
Customize your Team – Upgrade armors, weapons and pets to strengthen your Team.
Optimize your ultimate Battle Formation to defeat your opponents.
Show your battle tactics, and march with your heroes, fight for your honor.

Priest: A loyal healer.
Warrior: Close-combat fighter and fill the role of primary tank.
Druid: Versatile hybrids in the group.
Knight: A holy shield and fighter.
Mage: Specialized in group magic damage.
Shaman: Good at support with magic.
Hunter: Back row physical dps with strong individual combat power.
Rogue: Front row dps, cause great threat to the enemy back row.
Warlock: Ultimate skill with great AOE spell.

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