Miami Prison Escape Mission 3D

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Miami Prison Escape Mission 3D Android

Miami Prison Escape Mission 3D Free

Miami Prison Escape Mission 3D Download

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Miami Prison Escape Mission 3D is all about hard time adventure, Killing and helping your cell inmate in Miami jail. This game is a combination of crime games & Car driving games. you spend a hard time in the high security prison along with your cell inmate criminal squad. You successfully Prison break from Miami jail and now you are planning to release your friend from jail. Enjoy this crime simulation game you will learn these streets are hard. Streets of Miami are ruled by different criminals & mafia gangster. Show your first person & third person shooting skills. Escaping from Miami jail can give you a hard time. Run for your life and kill Miami beach security police. Prison break needs expert skills for a prison breakout mission. Use your sniper gun to kill the cops in this Miami prison escape mission.
Since the time your leader robbery master caught by the security forces the crime rate in the city is falling down The hard time will never pass away until you jail breakout. Dodge the cop guards with your fellow crook to the next city in police helicopter. Aiming & Shooting with your weapons like, sharp knife and sniper guns to kill the police officers. Use your brutal attacking skills to survive in this crime game. Be the skilled gangster and get out from dangerous crime scene. Drive Car, smash and hit the police cars. Grab your gun, shoot at them and keep running for your life. Park vehicles and start shooting security guards. Enjoy exciting prison escape missions and interesting story line as it unfolds mad crime mafia stories. Be cruel and involve thrilling action in city police vs prison escape missions. Prepare for epic clash of cops and gangsters in wildest crime chase. Keep firing rifle and kill all officers of the law.

Miami City Prison Escape mission is an ultimate Gang War Shooting Game with Police Prison Chase & Free Drive in Crime City. Play as a Thug Gangster & Do some crazy mission with car theft & lots of gangster fighting action. Crime rate is getting out of hands of the city police department & Grand gang wars are now becoming part of daily routine. Join the deadly criminal world in the streets Rush & Explore the crime city for any golden opportunity to beat the public and kill them. Be the skilled Gangster and get out from dangerous crime scene. Grab your gun, shoot at the police cars and keep running from hostile situation.

You successfully jailbreak! Adventure begins with a hard time to escape from a Prisoner Miami jail along with the other lockdown criminals. As a Criminal mastermind Release your friend from Miami jail like a real underworld don. Escape, Play Brave criminal thrilling adventure police chase for a greater cause to plan a great crime threat for the city. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Running fast can make you farther from being caught and getting back to jail. Give them a hard time. Have a safe escape from your cell! Fight the brutal guards with hints and tools. Grab your weapons, make use of your archery skills to fight for your survival.

Miami Prison Escape Mission3D features:

Epic 3D Miami City Environment
Amazing gameplay challenging prisoner escape missions
Gun shots and archery
Real Thrill of Escaping the Miami Prison guards
Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal prisoner
Driving Simultion
Car driving mission
Fight hard time with city police duty officers
A Complete Story to Accomplish
Action packed challenging prison break missions
Realistic jail environment with prisoners, snipers, machine guns & police
Super fast & smooth controls of fire gun shot and archery
Escape gun shot
Excellent shooting sounds


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