Memories of the Blue (JP)

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Memories of the Blue (JP) Android

Memories of the Blue (JP) Free

Memories of the Blue (JP) Download

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[View of the world that ultra-luxurious staff weave]
Overturn the common sense of Sumahogemu,
Staff of the game industry’s leading is once gathered!
Image Illustration: Yoshitaka Amano
Sound: Masaharu Iwata (Basis Cape)
Scenario: Tsuyoshi Tanaka / Hiroki Matsumoto (Romancework)
Character voice: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Ayane Sakura / Ami Koshimizu / Kenji Akabane other

Grand scale, profound story, sound … ultra-luxurious staff spell to shake the feeling, whether enjoy the overwhelming view of the world!
The drama that goes beyond mere Sumahogemu here.

[Quick and exhilarating one-handed vertical retention play]
In the battle, it adopted a 2D side-scrolling action.
In battlefield enemy ally move around in real time, your skills will be tested.
In rich skills of each character and weapons, white mercy of the enemy looming!

Further, yet easy to play with one hand,
Such as jumps and step, it can be a variety of action.
Up, down, left and right, a variety of enemy range attack, but counterattack brilliant dodge!

In addition, when to hit the skill, magic stone gauge rise.
Connect the combo, and reservoir gauge, Tatakikome the jackpot “magic stone release”! !
Together we force in cooperative play, it is also possible to unleash a more powerful blow!

[Four of the job up to three co-op of]
The appearance to a variety of characters, there are four types of job.

Of short-distance × height firepower, fighter.
Of medium-range × balanced, Knight.
Long-range attack is good, magician.
Of recovery and support-oriented, Priest.
At the party by taking advantage of each of the features, whether Disrupt various stages!

In addition, it can be online multiplayer with up to three people.
While taking the communication, and the combined force, beat out a formidable enemy!

[Armor and customize your character]
Sakuchu and armor available, fellow accompany is, it can be reinforced in the city.
In addition to “strengthening” and “evolution” of armor,
In “ability liberation” of the character, customize the status of their liking.

Reliable friends and, a powerful armor, trying to develop to suit your style of play!

[Talented actors Produce a story! ]
As a voice in charge of the hero, et al.,
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ayane Sakura,
Ami Koshimizu, Kenji Akabane et al.
Gorgeous actors are gathered!

Blowing life in profound story, liven up a voice immersive!

A small island in the strait, “Vineland”
Holding five star Allied listed Rohm church to the west, over