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The first war begins to become a boss!
Driving Shooting Gun! Mafia
Now more than anyone first experience in combat mafia
Enjoy a variety of events and benefits!

Game features ■■ ■■
▶ The ‘Driving’ gun shooter optimized for mobile!
While enjoying the speed and intuitive Instruction that is immersed in a battle!
Enjoy the hottest Gun Shooting War unfolds aboard the high speed of the vehicle!

▶ ppajyeodeulda the Mafia world in the 1960s!
Mafia world recreated with unique artwork!
Be personality out of character with the dream of revenge!

▶ is a more immersive PVP! “League system”
PvP reputation through the league system to repeat the promotion and demotion!
More powerful guns, if you want a costume Challenge car in the top league!

▶ Using a variety of guns easy and fun strategy battle!
Armed with the defined edges 24 in one direction and a strong personality that skill firearms
Get involved in the battle to become the boss with your own strategy and style!

[Official Mafia Cafe]
Meet the latest information and events of the mafia in the formal Cafe!


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