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Deva and Seven Gou ■
– Occupation of the 10 kinds of MMORPG specialized in tank dilhil!
– to deliver the ultimate in strength! Seven Gou!
– Deva, the hero of the 280 species that empower Gou!

■ Be prepared before your own fortress Fort ■
– Fort design depends on the Elyos and Asmodians, race
– Fortress growth can be customized according to the propensity to play!
– Action Castle, fortress before you can feel all the fun of the strategic!

■ the end of the race conflict! Real-time PVP ■
– Up to 6 people can play party! Real-time 3vs3 Chapter melee!
– attaches to the Deva and heroes! 1vs1 duel in real time!
– Be prepared to attack other races at random stormed infinity of the tower!

■ High-quality graphics and a huge world ■
– 3D world and characters, backgrounds, and PC online class high quality graphics!
– Elyos, Asmodians and the Balaur, three massive confrontations story of the race!
– borrowed the format of the mobile game “sensibility of the PC online”

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