Lucky Strike

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Lucky Strike Android

Lucky Strike Free

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* * CBT participation benefits
After all who participate in the launch submitted’d pay a coupon to receive the following benefits:
1) Jewelry 100
2) Gold 100 000
3) Four Star Monster Card 1
4) Draw a premium volume 5

* Game Introduction

Lucky Strike is a simple puzzle RPG battle mode of teonje it added.
The colorful 2D graphics, cute characters and quality of the action unfolds.
Approximately 100 species of monster cards to collect and try to win the battle to grow their capabilities and skills.

* Wide variety of content

100 stages of Story Mode, every day of the week other properties dungeon,
Monsters invade only open certain hours, exploring the ruins that sent the monster collect the material, etc.
You can grow your card goes to those obtained by a variety of content.

Dungeons infinite extent of their dates towards the highest floor if competition occurred,
Through guild raid challenges, such as combining strength with guild members try to prove your strength.

Growth, Strategy, to last your luck.
In the Lucky Strike Try to test all of you.

** CBT quit the game after use history is initialized. **

In order to use the game requires the following access privileges.
– READ_PHONE_STATE (read phone status and ID): CBT is necessary to provide compensation involved.
* Rights can not be denied access to the game.

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