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Is an overwhelming 720 degree FULL 3D graphics are beautiful martial arts it unfolds unfold.
◆ 2-flight system
– Lovers, friends, colleagues, and let enjoy the two giants in the flight system with the priest!
– 720 free flights to overwhelm even the public eye must update your martial arts.
– Just a simple operation that can only gareugo feel beautiful landscapes in the clouds Flying Swords and love alone system

◆ Perform system
– A new concept growth system that give it the properties of a variety of player characters
– Create a new notation of a combination of different entourage and give it additional properties
– The attendants recruited through having fun and differentiating various properties of the collection Growth

◆ extensive skills bigeom
– Skills activate each featuring a different character to suit
– More than 100 kinds of skills that match the bigeom traits of character are triggered at random
– It will bring a new impression did not feel in the traditional martial arts games.

◆ between the various user PVP
– PVP system in accordance with the open character level
– You can not deny me 24 hours to ensure that someone pvp combat
– Between the forces for expansion munpa is the raison d’etre of my character a fierce battle pvp.

◆ be attracted to graphics
– Colorful and cute Pet Costumes
– Magnificent graphics atah goes out of its mind sees.
– Various bigeom (vehicle) according to the levels will prove my worth in the martial arts.

◆ for martial arts epic RPG sensibilities
Sword and love the ancient Chinese myth of a material stimulates the imagination of dreams and martial arts for the sword to the user.
– Extensive variety of scenarios and social systems break down the wall turns the game and reality ?!
– If you can grow and can give birth to a child marriage !!?
– Decorate the house with your own space gawon own, also taking breaks, clean, receive compensation
– Sensibility rather than traditional hard martial arts game that you can talk to friends and RPG !!!

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