Free Download LINEAGE M

LINEAGE M for Free on APK Download.

▶ fragrance PC! Lineage Lineage nature as M ◀
Lineage M ‘moved to Greenwich sensibilities intact!
Move the PC’s perfume as a simple operation
Now, anytime, anywhere experience Lineage

▶ sensibility of the original representation of the mobile ◀
Open field on the same PC Lineage and World of Aden
Gel, Day, Japan, etc. as items of historical memories were remembered!
Memories of Oak and selrobeu sound, Xuan Mall hunting

▶ The Lineage core content reinterpreted as mobile ◀
[Operation] free and easy to arc cell reokteo!
[Mobile UI] to the minimum operation of the mobile combat UI that exhibits the maximum effect!
[Class] Lineage initial four classes – starting with ‘monarch, fairies, wizards, knights’
Fields Giran prison, Eva kingdom, and for the valley!
[Trial dungeon – every day different challenge Six 1 Dungeon
[World Boss – Boss Raid World of W 16 kinds, many of which you can enjoy together
[PVP] newly introduced in the mobile PVP system – PVP north, provocative, multiple ranking systems
[Enchant] Now, it natjiman bluish light evaporates’ in the mobile enchanted!
[Visual / transformation – transforming the new visual identity inherited the lineage!

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