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Ririan artist / Lilian Atis
You and me just one MMORPG
Diverse and abundant launch event, meet in ririan artist.
– Level up and costumes, vehicles, upon receiving wings!
– Let’s obtain the second consecutive day Login feather!
– Upon receiving special items and materials development returns!
– Let’s obtain rare equipment to register on a daily basis 7 days!

Gift level and level up, attack power, defeating the dungeon, including six ranking events simultaneously in progress sludge details check the official cafe!

Game Description ================================================ ================
▣ personality and enjoy the Ria attractive appearance with costumes and ride!
Patiruk from Devils Lookout! Simkung wedding dress and tux! There’s up colorful wings!
A wonderful ride 15 possible evolution in three stages, 50 kinds of wings, ride the exercise, try to coordinate a sense of your own!

▣ Enjoy the adventure with cute petdeul.
This charming pet of 20 horses are waiting for your choice.
Show your pet just the right chemistry and fantasies you.

Experience the ▣ 3 3, Boss hunting, guilds, etc. I tongkwaeham jjarithago from more than 100 content.
Tightening the chest until the last minute PVP! Possessed pleasure after the control and win!
20 battle with the boss over, waiting for you to enjoy over 100 systems every day.

▣ 100 people enjoying daenantu survival mode with the Guild before.
Large Guild Guild ago that all servers can participate.
The strong will survive long party, the winner can only daenantu ririan rescue the princess!

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