Legend of Blades

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Legend of Blades is a 3D real-time martial arts RPG game! It will take you into the world of a martial art master :Li Xuhuan. The game with ornate skill and the delicate design relation system according to the relation between heroes, during battle you can operate several heroes through tactic gesture to let heroes move exactly, which makes the game different to the traditional ARPG and it also has more operations and strategies.

[Game Features]
-Collecting Hundrends of heroes,Thousands line-up strategies.
-3V3 fierce fighting, Extreme battle carefree for combo.
-Hero Relations collection, release powerful Hero Relation Skills.
-Jianghu System, various PVP modes meet all players’ hero dreams.
-Exciting PVE gameplay, abundant welfare and all-star hero as login gift for free!

Android Download Link: http://viwright.com/6ZmV
iOS Download Link: Not available now