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We welcome you to the world of Knights Fall, a brand-new game you’ve never experienced.
Decipher ancient books and be part of the epic stories of legendary heroes.
■■■■■■ FEATURES ■■■■■■

▶ Experience dynamic battles with easy controls!
: Can a game be easier than this?
With just one finger, command hundreds of soldiers in the bustle of a fierce battle.

▶ Explore the thrill of inventive stages!
: Scenario mode has 120+ stages ranging from all-out battles with enemies to object destruction and securing a path for retreat.
Like in any war, brilliant strategies are a must, but sometimes what you need is pure luck.

▶ Defeat giant bosses!
: Frighteningly powerful bosses in gigantic form will try to stop you in your tracks.
Use turrets to take them out.

▶ Collect heroes and help them evolve!
: Many heroes and diverse races live in the world of Knights Fall.
While playing the game, collect heroes and help them advance themselves for future glory on the battlefield.

▶ Defend your castle from swarming enemies!
: Protect your castle from the endless herd of menacing enemies and their various siege weapons.
The key here is to build strong defenses and increase the levels of your heroes.

▶ Compete with your friends worldwide!
: Connect to Facebook and see how you stack up against your friends all over the world.

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