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A top notch middle-earth fantasy themed strategy game presents you with the best of blades, dragons, and magic. Players worldwide gather right in KOK to build castles, explore magic powers and levy spectacular wars to realize your wildest fantasies. By completing conquests, challenges, construction and research, your kingdom can bloom and you can call upon knights, mages and warriors around the world to join your cause. Now, take part in KOK and take on the grand quest of your kingdom, leading your kingdom from peasantry to prosperity, and then from prosperity to superiority!
Special Features:

✔Multiple Resources: Presents you with a series of collectible resources, enjoy the reap of every harvest;
✔Global Server: Share your pain and joy in KOK with players worldwide;
✔Guild War: Friendly and active guilds allow you to feel the charm of guild cooperation;
✔Exquisite Art: Splendid 3D scenes with a bright cartoon style; mountains, water and cities are all specially to put you at ease;
✔Unit Variation: Build your troop with elves, dwarfs and dragons, and command them in a variety of unit combinations;
✔Technology Research: The diversity of technology allows you to boost all aspects of the economy, military and strategy, making your army more formidable;
✔Battle Variety: Vent out your passion, participating in guild/PVP/PVE battles for victory and glory;
✔Market Economy: KOK has a unique market system where you can find whatever goods you want;
✔Free Download: KOK is a free-to-play game, download and join now!

May god bless KOK!

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