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War of Kings #, and more! King of Kings! KOK!
King of Kings takes you to the king! #
■ Race King! ■
Mediocrity will never refuse! No similar races and fun No!
Various personality traits out of 14 races! KOK!

■ hero King! ■
Not in all this wonderful heroes one place?
Skills gorgeous, charming characters and heroes Explosion 56 Fun beyond imagination collection! KOK!

■ Strategies King! ■
Trend is also seknam brain! Man, living in a dead strategy to strategy!
Enjoy the excitement of unpredictable battle heroes and place your own strategy! KOK!

■ Match King! ■
Stronger than the opponent or it never existed in the world!
1 vs 1, 2 vs jjarithago thrilling PVP as a Hot War to enjoy 2 real-time! KOK!

■ Scale King! ■
This large-scale mainstream huge and overwhelming!
54 vs 54 battles Legion blockbuster, super luxury large strategic battle play! KOK!

■ Action King! ■
Fulgent fantastic real strategic action!
Savor the joy of Optimizing Strategies and ecstatic at the same time action! KOK!

■ Confederation King! ■
Alone can not tell the absolute front of an inch! The fun and thrill you with a million times!
You can not miss the tension of the strings! Real-time boss battles that ever-class Federation breathtaking hands! KOK!

■ Game King! ■
Game King of the Republic of Korea is? Game of Games! King of Kings!
Best King King of Kings Will really be?
King or die Roda doeneunya it is a problem!

King grab the Republic of Korea to become a true #
Fierce and even feel the thrilling strategic combat large-scale Now the King of Kings! #
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You can play the game in real time for video streaming audio, you can use the audio function.

This situation will be recorded and account information in order to prevent the loss of the account-related problems when the user information.

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