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Super easy! Real-time cart Battle game appeared!
And cute cat, doll, can be further steer the toy of Disney!
Game method is very easy!
Right, left, drift, because can be operated only by touching the item use, easy’ll enjoy!
It will be in Japan of the cart racer to take advantage of the Disney toy!
[Game method]
1. Touch the left side (◁) button when moving to the left.
2. Touch the right side (▷) button when moving to the right.
3. Touch when you want to use items that were acquired in the random box.
Four. Touch the drift button to the right when you want to cornering.

1. To play the game in real time along with the three other than your own.
2. It becomes # 1 If you goal to rank in the fixed circuit!
3. The higher the goal was order, to win a lot of points.
Four. It can be promoted to a higher league enough to gain a lot of points.

1. Disney toy you have a special ability!
2. Cart is composed of body, wing, in the tire!
3. If there is a UR cart, Moya is no enemy!
Four. Let’s take advantage of strategic items!
Five. Anyway shortcut to it is victory to keep down the booster! (Red blue green)

[Recommended terminal]
Memory 1GB or later, Android4.0 or later (with some non-recommended terminal)
※ This game you can play in tablet devices

[Official Twitter]

※ This game you can play in the basic free, we offer some paid items.
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