IRON GIANTS: ENDLESS WAR for Free on APK Download.

Be a superhero and save the world from the attack of the Robots by destroying them! Enter into a Titan quest in this endless war!

Participate in this endless war with robots by building your gang of fighters and warriors. Be the ‘Big’ hero in this titan quest to defeat the most difficult bosses and save the world in one of the most unique endless games! A superhero like Batman or Superman would never be a match to your troop of fighters!

• Tap to hire 20 unique tiny titans to fight against the robots in extremely difficult hero wars.
• Progress through hundreds of levels in one of the most interesting idle clicker games.
• Tap to destroy 36 unique robots with mini heroes that you upgrade and make stronger every day.
• Tap the tiny heroes to collect amazing rewards by winning hero wars.
• Play offline! You can lead your soldiers at home, on the road or anywhere. Internet is not required to play.
• Unlock unique abilities of your hero or shop heroes in this ultimate titan quest and tap to use them.
• Destroy the Robots quickly to keep your squad’s health intact and help them fight longer in this RPG clicker game
• Pocket heroes!, Relax, sit back and play. All you need to do is tap.
Are you up to face the endless frontier and be the hero your planet wants you to be?
We promise this will be one of the most unique hero games that you would have ever played on android this 2017!

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