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‘Infinite Heart’ is a fantasy game, with familiar fantasy races and monsters, as well as various types of magic and fantastical weapons. It combines the latest in gaming technology with an overarching, epic plot, exciting action, and beautiful backdrops. Immerse yourself in another world.
Grand Story line
In the world of ‘Infinite Heart’, kingdoms rise and fall, races flourish and decline, civilizations in turn rise to prominence and fall into obscurity. The only constant is the warning of the gods: Beware, the Darkness will return…

Real-time Tactics, Ferocious Combat
‘Infinite Heart’ takes the best features of classic tactical combat games and adds a ‘real-time’ element. There are limitless tactical possibilities, with non-fixed combos allowing the player full control over the course of battle.

Brothers and Sisters in Arms
‘Infinite Heart’ has heroes of all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of special abilities. In a world with humans, elves, goblins, witches, werewolves, dragons, spirits, and elemental beings, there are dozens of different heroes waiting to be summoned and join you on your quest to bring light to the land.

Immersive Experience
‘Infinite Heart’ uses an advanced 3D engine to support cinematic 3D graphics and particle effects. Lifelike visuals and settings draw the player into a world of fantasy, providing a high degree of immersion.

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