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Impossible Bike Crashing Game! Today i’m plays racing game 2016 (Android / iOS Gameplay & Walkthrough) by Neoviral Games.

My rate for this a game: 4/5. Good.

About “Impossible Bike Crashing Game” game app:
This dirt bike racing game is jam packed with front wheelies and rear wheelies, front flips and back flips, epic bike stunts and other amazing motorcycle freestyle tricks! You get to ride motocross bikes, sport bikes, enduro bikes, choppers, cruisers and crash them if you fail a freestyle trick. Everytime you fail a level and smash your rider against obstacles it’s a pleasing and satisfying experience that both angers you and makes you try again! Have fun both riding and destroying your bike and rider into complete pieces.

What makes “Motorcycle Crashing Game” a unique free bike racing and crashing game in 2017?
Because this game is both a fun motorcycle racing game and a challenging motorcycle tricks game. It’s a combinations of freestyle, motocross, and derby at the same time. It’s designed to let you experience realistic bike crash simulations that cause pure bike mayhem with wild bike parts and human parts flying everywhere!


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