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◈ instant team, the thrill of the absolute index doubled ◈
call partner common adventure, the Society assembled his comrades
from the general copy of the expedition to the multiplayer PVP, multiple models can team up .
Bid farewell to stand-alone, multi-person connections into the new field!

◈ team copy, assemble allies readily Tu Long ◈
monster rampant souls rampant, the parties fighting together
from the strength of the collection of partners, common defeat, Raiders of various animals!
In the collection of resources to strengthen the process, enjoy the fun of a copy of the team!

◈ immediate 20V.S.20, Legion War full-scale play ◈
PC-level destruction of the war, the hands of open battlefield killing
40 players at the same time play, more than 200 kinds of skills to enjoy the cast!
Army-class large-scale fighting, only the extremely strong in order to dominate the audience!

◈ multi-equipment, kit replacement skills linked ◈
100 pieces of God installed arbitrary collection , gorgeous transformation of the
exclusive skills turned, call, magic, powerful skills gorgeous liberation!
Use of rich equipment to create a unique way of fighting!

◈ The vast world, epic drama stunning debut ◈
more than 10 different regional themes, including more than 100 large map!
Interactive map + depth of the plot, so that the adventure process more lively and interesting!
Incarnation of the guardian of the world, to participate in the final battle to defend the sapphire!

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