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Popular Comics / Anime “HUNTER × HUNTER Hunter” finally launched the smartphone games!
■ Game Introduction
“Gathered in” HUNTER × HUNTER Hunter, “which appeared in the role of the world, composed of exclusive own fantasy team!
Through tasks and gashapon to increase partner together to achieve a variety of tasks, in order to obtain the title of Samsung’s efforts to advance the goal of the hunter it! “
■ “HUNTERxHUNTER Hunter” Various Artists Story!
“In addition to the well known Jill, odd k, Kulapika, Leo force et al.,
Hunters Association members, the Phantom Brigade, overcast beast, GI players, and even ants and other chimeric “HUNTER × HUNTER Hunter” All the characters are on stage! “

■ Intuitive “Live × Hunter Action games”
Just swipe on screen instructions issued on the role, the operation is very simple.
With players fighting to change and to enlist the power of strong skills, coping with a change on the battlefield strategizing to win it.

■ cooperate to form its own strategic team! !
“Hunters are divided into many categories, have strengthened the attack a” warrior “, can be long-range attacks” sniper “, and can respond to HP’s” meeting the division, “and so on.
With a combination of different skills, and a rich start a strategic battle. To create their own exclusive strongest team, to complete a variety of tasks it! ! . “

※ This app is free to download to play, some props charge.
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