HUNTERS LEAGUE for Free on APK Download.

◈ Game Features ◈
A mobile action RPG filled with never-before-seen strategies!

# A real RPG with strategic gameplay for each character!
Experience the thrill of controlling character action in realtime!

# Change strategies for a variety of boss AI and scenarios!
Spread strategies in real time, such as a variety of monsters and traps.

# Character roles change depending on the weapons used!
Each weapon has unique skills which change the role of the character when equipped.

# Attack wanted monsters and bosses!
Depending on the boss of the dungeon and the boss challenge that changes every day, the attack also changes.

# Enjoy a variety of PvP battles!
Challenge the strongest players in resource conflict areas and arena to compete with the hunters.

# A low-spec well-made action RPG with 3D cartoon rendering!
Depending on the various skins, the character’s appearance changes as well!
Meet the fun of unrivaled 3D hand drawing graphics ~!

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