Experience the real city car racing game. Presenting Hrithik Roshan in his real racing Avatar like never before! This is the ultimate driving game for all the Hrithik Roshan fans out there. 3d Race it out and defeat all the 5 Racing car driver Kings.

Hrithik High-Speed Racing is a real 3D racing game, which lets you drive absolutely climb to insane high-speed cars. Drive in cities to complete death-defying and Airborne races with the best of car drivers. Don’t be afraid of been airborne and crashing while performing wild stunts in real exotic cars! The race cars will also give you the real drift experience.

Dash your way to victory in over 50 challenging levels

Hrithik 3D Car Racing game is fully packed with real super-fast cars and a dynamic/engaging racing career mode. The tracks are as good as real and it takes a perfect car driver to beat them! The feeling of accomplishment, after beating difficult races is always unsurpassable.

Hrithik High Speed Racing is the epitome of 3D city racing games. The game makes full use of touch screen capabilities and grants a lot more controls like Joystick, Tilt and Touch over vehicle than simply speeding up and breaking.

Hrithik High-Speed Racing has 10 unprecedented Zones with each zone having 5 different city race modes. Participate in Weekly Tournaments and win exciting prizes including exclusive Hrithik Merchandise.
Adding to the fun is innumerable customizations and upgrades to makeover your car to match your style race along with Hrithik through the exquisite city at night. Perform awesome stunts and drive at sound defying speeds, using nitrous around loopy and wavy roads. to which make your car airborne most of the time.

Hrithik High-Speed Racing is a real car driver’s addiction! It will keep you hooked for hours while you do the drift your car around the corners in the city set up levels.

Dash yourself against the best car drivers around the world and your own city to understand how real are your skill when it comes to car racing. Track your success story with our achievement tracker. So what are you waiting for? Top the Leaderboards in Hrithik’s Official Racing Game.
It’s about time, you headed to the start line and be the real deal you were meant to be.
Ready, set, go!

◆◆◆◆ Hrithik High-Speed Racing Features ◆◆◆◆

✓ Many customizations features to choose from
✓ Weekly Tournaments
✓ 5 unique race modes
✓ 10 Unique cars
✓ 5 Racing Kings
✓ 50 Challenging Levels
✓ Global Leaderboards

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