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Action-type role-playing game, no Daguai, automatic upgrade! New game concept! Acquisition of mysterious Cheats Guards change life! Unique warfare and battlefield QET system instant pause time, spike everything! Warriors assembled, all monsters can become teammates!
Plot introduction
here is the warrior and the Master of the world, all-encompassing martial arts, bright magic! There are a lot of martial arts Cheats, magnificent fate of the dispute, this is a world full of miracles and passion! Chen Xiao, Chen history of the unprecedented vindictive practice genius, the family hundred years the youngest bucket. However, an accident, he lost the ability to practice, become waste, the family cold, others despise, fiancee to marry … … all kinds of combat followed. Just when he was about to despair, a new door opened in front of him! Thirty years east, three decades Hexi, Mo bully young poor! Warrior can be divided into tenth order, warrior, martial arts division, large martial arts division, Wu Zong, to martial arts division, heaven Wu division, Wu Wang, Emperor Wu, Wu Sheng, Valkyrie. Master can be divided into tenth order, magic apprentice, magician, big magician, Mage, Mage, big magic mentor, holy magic teacher, France respect, France holy, France God. Which belongs to the next three stages of the general stage, the third order to the military commander, vertical and horizontal invincible. On the third-order has been beyond the level of mortal, extraordinary refined!

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