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Enthusiast after another! Now the most “passionate” gun shooting game appeared
Acquired explosion in popularity all over the world the sales ranked first in Asia!
“HIDE AND FIRE” will continue to defeat shoot enemies one after another appear in the near future of the city and the metro station of the battlefield on the stage, the stage of the factory. Hostage release and that uses a sniper rifle, or Uchimaku’ the enemy boarded in tanks, such as destroy a military helicopter in the rocket launcher, can play a lot of situations!

▼ first time okay! Gun shooting that easy to enjoy simple operation
“Hiding the attack avoidance” in the “move to the left and right”, “at once attacks aimed” three simple operation that, you can enjoy a refreshing play feeling and deep strategic. By going to clear the polite tutorials and extensive initial mission, you must gradually the practice of play.
Elements of the shooting game unique, such as “head shot” or “grenade” is also full!

▼ cooperative play with up to four people! Enjoy with my friends “united front mode”
A united front mode to fight in cooperation with friends for different types of powerful boss monsters.
Assembled a team with four people, Shiteyaro a powerful enemy in the beehive! You can also be played together to invite realistic friends in the same clan of fellow and LINE.

▼ enjoyed from negligence to team game “battle mode”
Battle mode between players fight in real time.
From negligence of 1vs1, such as a team game such as 2vs2, you can enjoy a variety of play modes.

▼ to develop character and weapons, to the strongest soldier!
While continue to clear the mission and stage will continue to collect the parts and weapons material.
Aim the strongest of the mercenary group will continue to strengthen the weapons and characters based on the material!

■ voice cast ■
Beast: Junichi Suwabe
Angela: Kanae Ito
Rose: Aya Uchida
Smile: Hidemi Kato Sato
Irene: Minami Tsuda
Mei: Senbongi Ayaka
Jeje: Mari Takano Kei
Jack: Matsukaze Masaya
Eva: Sayuri Furukawa
Max: tarusuke shingaki
Chiaki: Iori Tajima
Red: Hattori Sonokai
Charlotte: Yukari Goto
Agni: Yukiyo Fujii
Avril: Hitomi Owada
Giant: Tomohisa Hashizume
Nameless: Takeuchi Shun輔
Ryan: Kenji Akabane
Furiya: Shiori Mikami
Adam: Kanemoto Ryo輔
Fox: Ryoko Shiraishi
Klaus: Powered suit brother’s ※ Prince is wearing AI
Prince: Brother’s

■ Required environment ■ (also there models that do not work even if not meet the environment)
OS4.1 or more
Free space 1.6GB or more
We need your help to ensure the capacity to pre-installation ※


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