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This new, creatively designed mobile game combines elements of real-time and turn-based strategy games to bring you a highly-addictive and beautifully crafted world of kings and spies, ales and meats. In order to survive in Hexagonium’s cutthroat multiplayer arena, you must slyly work with – and against – friends and foes to build a grand kingdom from the smallest of villages. Take your throne, lead your armies, and wield true power!
– Raze usurpers’ kingdoms with armies composed of dashing cavalrymen, devious spies, destructive wizards, and more!
– Valiantly guard your ramparts and stalwartly defend them from your enemies’ brutal sieges.
– A thoughtfully designed resource system involving 9 unique commodities – ranging from iron and stone to fur and meat – requires would-be kings to carefully organize and manage their cities’ economies.
– A simple to learn, but strategically varied, combat system requires young lords to carefully maneuver toward tactical –advantages.
– Earn vast and useful rewards for your accomplishments on the field of battle.


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