Welcome to Heroes Wars – Summoners RPG! It’s a Royale 3D multiplayer online tournament, where you need to be a part of the legend team of 3 characters and fight with other players worldwide. You have 3 types of heroes with special roles and unique skills: assassins, warriors and supports.

Why this game is so awesome:

● Absolutely NEW experience
● 100+ customizable characters
● Evolving HEROES and upgradable equipment
● Develop your league and find a STRATEGY to be the emblem champion!
● Enjoy awesome graphics in the new addicting game
● Mini Games

Heroes Wars – Summoners RPG is an exciting free multiplayer game, where you have to battle against real players ONLINE to become the lord of the clan kingdom.

⚔️ Enjoy the royale spirit of the most addictive game. TRAVEL through fun legend lands, clash against the dark forces threatening your home castle. Charge best warriors, fire dragons, mages with legendary skills! Your magic journey starts now, the ACTION with unique graphics. Enjoy a pinch of history, fire and guild adventure. This saga is waiting for you for FREE!

👑 Open chests of the kingdom and collect cards of different rarity! Choose your own strategy for your team to combat other players and collect their treasures! Craft legendary gear and build your army!

👿 SUMMON tactically strong guards for your heroic league! Combat and crush your inner monster. Every fight of the war saga is fun, every clash is legendary, battles are only for brave souls!

🔥 EXPLORE various easy & hard mysterious DUNGEONS and fight dozens of monsters, lost souls, dragons & demons: pass through skeletons, dodge hell knights’ fire and defeat trolls! Open regions and lots of monsters, charge your heroes, rush dangerous summoners for glory in the name of your guild. EVOLVE your best warrior and make it stronger. CRAFT your most powerful weapons, equip and upgrade your emblem team in a universe where magic & technology collides! Crush down your demons and become a legend by having great warriors! No retreat, no surrender!

🐲 Enjoy the excellent fun graphics and dive into the AMAZING fantasy strategy of heroic war and the spirit of magic! Start your adventure in the clan and prove your bravery in a great number of fights! Battle against the enemies from around the world! Your castle dragons are waiting!

Customize, match, craft, clash, collect, summon and upgrade! Become a LEGEND of strategy and RPG battle, live through magic, adventures and battles!


● Enjoy Royale 3D graphics in the new multiplayer league saga for free!
● Upgrade about a hundred of amazing heroes and charge your enemies! Make them retreat!
● Compete for high scores with other players in real-time ladder guilds! Participate in events, mini games and receive valuable gifts and earn special quest rewards for your guild!
● Combat online with other players in PVP mode and loot their treasures! Master your best skills in PVP match!
● Rush in epic dungeons and defeat dragons! Grow your small castle clan team into an epic army able to crush the enemy!
● Clash with a great number of summoners, dark souls, monsters and defeat them all! Crush your enemies in battles!
● Explore heroic kingdoms and dungeons!
● Charge collected warriors, hundreds of powerful fighters and emblem troops!
● Upgrade your league with new excellent mechanics! Explore all constantly evolving dungeons to find legendary treasures for your team!
● Run through endless beautiful locations, emblem quests and mini games! Unite castle lands and train your own invincible heroic army!
● Become the best in the legend of war and fire magic! Release your full magical fun and tactical power of the ancient world! Feel the spirit of adventure and the demon’s clan will retreat.
● Match and craft wisely to become a pro-player in online battle!

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…