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Get your team ready to fight in this epic 3D adventure of firewalkers, sky elves, orcs and ice warriors! The world has been torn apart – Be the one who reunites the lands!
In this unique Hero Management MMO RPG you are the leader of a resistance against a corrupted god who has smashed the world into fragments.

Defeat evil warriors throughout each of the divided worlds: The more you fight the stronger you get! Create the most powerful set of heroes and choose the right strategy on the battlefield.

Go on an epic journey through the different realms, each with its own unique culture, creatures and resources that will help you on your way to completing your mission: Merging the shattered grounds back together.

* Assemble an army of heroes, each with individual skillsets
* Place your heroes strategically in a unique battle system and
* Watch your plans work out in cinematic 3D views
* Challenge other players in several PvP modes
* Face enemies in PvE adventure mode
* Upgrade and equip your team with runes and boosters
* Join the special alliance wars system and unite your strengths with other players

Start the revolution today! Become the strategic leader of an epic uprising!

Discover a land full of history and depth!

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This app is completely free to play. Additionally it offers optional in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.

This game requires an internet connection.

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