Heroes of the Legend

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Welcome to Heroes of the Legends, a brand new mesh of RTS and RPG!

The ruthless Empire has plagued the whole continent and plundered its cities for their burning desire to obtain the Relic of the Fallen to use its hidden powers to achieve their mysterious agenda upon the world. While other nations units together to form alliance of trustworthy mercenaries to oppose the Empire and put an end to its scheme.

Join the battlefield, form and hire your own league of mercenaries and put a stop to this madness!

Summon mighty Heroes such as Saladin, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Samurai and many real legendary warriors, sultans and leaders to be at your command on an epic journey around the world, to repel the dark forces and stop the plague before it’s too late!

• Epic RPG battles with deep strategy.
• Four devastating hero classes to master.
• Clash with your fellow players in exciting PvP modes (World Domination & Colosseum) and more…
• Five PvE modes like you have never seen before (Adventure, Dungeon, Conquest, Towers and Mystical Forest).
• Tons of events and daily rewards.
• Huge achievement and ranking systems.
• Manage, upgrade, enhance, equip and transcend your heroes.
• Enjoy the story of the game with 6 different characteristics.

Android Download Link: http://yamechanic.com/4Rqj
iOS Download Link: Not available now