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HOD fantasy mobile game “Heroes of Dawn” is the global version of the mobile game style western mythology designed by a team of leading European creation. PK model with strong fighter, classic character classes, how to play the original PC, equipped with easy trading, new mission system, the state of events “Urgent” accidental activation, gives new players to experience. As log as many donated prizes, receive immediate early days logged purple fitted, giving the next day even war purple Pet Express, log 8 consecutive days immediately receive limited Goddess!
“Heroes of the Dawn” has officially launched a global version. Global players to the war, the PK, and fulfilling experience!
】 【Game Features
* Open global teams, inter-server National War *
Graphics is the most intuitive factors reflecting quality of the game, the best team of the world Designer Concept Art House (abbreviated: CAH) undertake design HOD original image. Effects team of the most famous movies Asian i-two effects take on a special film and Kunlun Designer team in the Americas to undertake the design context.
Unified global version CBT synchronization, inter-server battlefield open country, the global players can enter a battle.

* How to play Virtual nurturing and collecting Animal *
Fantasy Animal intense gameplay! Interesting case can export virtual games, sorted by the concept of game tactics. Players can freely choose his squad combat, tactical diverse variables, manipulate easily.

* Events Picnic status change the world game play *
Players in the picnic can meet urgent task system, the system will be based on the context of the game to activate the state duty as Guardian Goddess, fine Ma Thao Tribe, sweeping Clothing Ma … .The person play after activation and the urgent task of the player in the map to complete the task, to jointly promote the development of the game.

* Picnic fall equip entire transaction can *
Pole equipped with the whole drop from Boss, day 1 which is equipped with gold is not hard! If you do not use can still sell to other players!

】 【Daily Welfare
Login first day immediately Equip purple
The next day logged Animal purple Express Virtual gifts
Sign consecutive 8 days Goddess gave limited
Ma free daily Thach received

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