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Genesis Heroes All info here!
※ won the event in progress between CBT coupons are available upon formal and open, CBT period, the user data will be deleted.

★ Game Features ★
1.3 COMPONENTS combat a variety of possible combinations!
– Configure the parties have a strong personality with skill hero It broke through the dungeon and enjoy the action with combo skills combinations of heroes

2. aboard a huge stage called sweep the battlefield weapons systems!
– Argyle reversed in a moment of crisis! Please enjoy the sweeping weapons on board the huge pleasure of enemies at once

3. Kill the monsters challenge the limits laid a huge crack in construction!
– Configure the party up to 6 persons Heroes Kill the monsters powerful Raid Please obtain ancient weapons of Legend

4. battlefield set in accordance with the party strategy and stadium la ultimate spot!
– The level is low, the reverse is possible, depending on the equipment poorer Hero PvP combination In PvP that you step on the proceed to the ultimate party spot

5. Be La overcome the ordeal of trial to prove his power tower!
– Please tower topped trials are given on each floor and acquire a rare treasure

★ ★ related rights
Heroes Genesis has requested permission to some smooth play.
– Address Book works and access for the game Invite a friend
– Pause function permissions of the check call status of the game
– Authorization for the linked Google account information

If one uses Android 6.0 or later because of the authority of Genesis Heroes are not automatically allowed, you may experience limitations on the use of games.

If you are using when Android 6.0 or higher, you can enjoy the game smoothly through the following methods:

STEP 1. When first run when the output pop-up asking whether that permission [Storage Space, Telephone, Address Book permission
STEP 2. In the Preferences menu on the phone
[Application Management Heroes Genesis Rights Apply [storage space] accepted

★ ★ Notes
1. Products that are included in the part paid items and game money payment function.
Please note that the actual benefits haohni billing occurs when a partial payment for paid items and game money.

2. In the game digital goods purchases are subject to cancellation or limitation is possible in accordance with the “Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

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