Hero Gladiator – Android & iOS

Free Download Hero Gladiator – Android & iOS

Hero Gladiator – Android & iOS

Hero Gladiator – Android & iOS Free

Hero Gladiator – Android & iOS Download

Hero Gladiator – Android & iOS for Free on APK Download.

Android :https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…
iOS/iPhone :https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/gladi…

This version support almost all cellphone, no crash, no lag, high performance!
Hero Gladiator is a very interesting cartoon style RPG game. Player in the magic world play a four team challenge evil. Experience of brutal fighting, to win the final victory. Hero Gladiator not only requires a single team member equipment upgrade, but also the pursuit of team cooperation. The combination of rational team, the appropriate use of various skills will enhance the combat effectiveness of the team.

8 different occupation, flexible combination of team.
120 occupation skill, rich combat tactics.
50 levels, fully and delightfully battle.
7 powerful boss, kill them to get huge rewards.

How to play:
At the beginning of game, player has “knight” and “priest” two team member. Initial gold can hire heros like “magician”, “Barbarian”, “CrazyWarrior”, “Assassin”, “Amazon”, “Nun” occupation, and player also can buy or upgrade equipments, learn new skill, and so on.

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