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Supernatural magic ARPG hand tour masterpiece “paradise glory”, the original double-end interoperability, free trade, multi-mode PK, BOSS explosive, million people competing King City and other features are played, take you into the passion and blood of the magic world!

[Game description] ancient Greek gods melee, led by the Athenian goddess of the reincarnation of the savior only continue to Zeus under the command of the generals one by one break, collect their body of the ancient holy vessels, in order to resist Zeus’s brutal rule, hinder its destruction of the mainland Ambition. In order to save the stars mainland, the salvation of all the way beheaded BOSS, and the league team fighting, open the fate of the trip!

“Paradise of glory” to the magnificent world view, beautiful European and American scenes, the ancient Greek style of the Greek-based, give you an epic magic experience! BOSS explosive, free trade, cross-service siege, multi-mode PK and other features are played, a comprehensive subversion of your understanding of the game, to stimulate your fighting desire! Come “heaven glory” to open your own magical journey!

[Game benefits]
daily delivery to send gifts, the first charge can be drawn cash!
Doubled packs limited purchase, anger experience experience speed growth!
Value of the card more privileges, enjoy the benefits of high first!
Imperial City hegemony siege warfare, exclusive title easy to take!

【Game features】
◆ brush strange explosive equipment, Need for equipment knife raid
game “World boss, reincarnation BOSS, cross service BOSS” and other BOSS games are played, so you wantonly fighting, show their strength, to BOSS fatal blow, flew Explosive Need for property equipment.

◆ free trade, equipment, non-sale and sale of free
real trading market. The game equipment are unbound, can be freely traded in the trading market, the real civilians get rich, from scratch.

◆ siege wins the main wins the city to fight the peak of the
game also supports the people of the game, a number of guilds together to attack the imperial city, compete for territorial hegemony, highlight the glory of the guild, experience the passion of the fighting million people.

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