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◈About Guardian Arena
This is a timing action RPG game which is a different with other mobile RPG game.
You can enjoy un-boring battle through timing action and powerful hitting sense~
Also you can challenge to high level via PVP system which is based on level~!
You can enjoy 4 types of game mode!
-Adventure mode: Grow up your character via total 225 stages!
-PVP mode: PVP match in real-time!
-Challenge mode: Challenge to Boss monster!
-Daily dungeon mode: Enhance weapon and armor through different dungeon!

Suddenly the Satan appeared and made the down in darkness, day by day the Kingdom has been disappeared in the town.
One day, 13 of Blacksmiths came to the Twin forest kingdom castle.
They started making the weapon that can knock down the Satan. At the end, they ended up having a powerful weapon.
One of the blacksmiths who is the youngest won a fight with the Satan, but they could not put the Satan out of the way.
13 of the Blacksmiths split up the Satan’s heart, and have waited the destroyed time.

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