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This is a some of the ancient antique street, the streets of all kinds of antique endless. People coming and going of the small streets, witnessed the number of people Ebb Tide.
Legend, antiques are full of gold, gold in the night condensed into the invisible gold bullion, will lead to floating around the funny little devil. Antique if it is sucked away the gold, fineness on the worse, it will not sell a good price. So, these greedy little devils became the antique shop owner every night the biggest enemy. The game takes place in a humble shop on the street. Every night, greedy Meng Meng’s little devil Gudong, antique shop owner Huang and his dog Wang Cai here staged a chase war.

The little devil
in the antique shop, rely on eating gold coins for a living No gold coins on the bleak, full of gold coins full of vitality. His happiest thing is to come out at night to eat gold coins, fill his stomach, find a comfortable antique, drilling into the United States and the United States to feel dark.

Antique shop owner – old yellow:
street business for more than 30 years old yellow, perennial by the greedy devil – plump harassment. In order to drive the plump, in the store to place evil spirits. Not only that, he also to the next stall, said the nineteenth generation of Maoshan Taoist missionary fortune tellers learned some unexamined magic, want to deal with the plump.

Antique shop owner’s dog – Wang Cai:
childhood with the old yellow bulldog, to help the old yellow to see the shop , keep the old yellow sleep at night If the plump to come, they helped catch the greed of the plump. Due to the daily busy, so far single, the favorite dog food is skin shrimp.

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