GOOD EVIL TACTICS for Free on APK Download.

The new mobile game “Big Fight between good and evil,” vowing to reverse the traditional hand travel, fairy tale world upside down!
Who play the game have to do every decent hero? ! “Big Fight between good and evil,” Let your avatar fairy tale role as a vampire and Cleopatra partner after the overthrow Snow White! Anyway, Snow White is not necessarily just good, more is not necessarily an unmitigated evil vampire villain! Down with the traditional fairy tale world, just reverse the evil stereotypes, “good and evil Big Fight” Redefining the fairy tale world!

Game Features:
**justice? evil? Once selected! **
You can add the “evil” vampire camp, challenge the so-called justice Snow White! Reverse “evil faction” of fate!

** [Full command of the well-known roles you! **
50 Big Fight evil fairy tale characters! There are two versions of each character of good and evil! Redefines fairy tale protagonist in your heart!

** [Original] to play strong the weak system is not a dream! **
Original Strategic RPG! A variety of combinations of formation, how you test the role of team qualifying, ended their skill is king!

** Titans [PVP] hundred fairy tale world! **
Imminent war between good and evil, two patches each one hundred elite athletics while online, to a hundred people Fuzion PVP!

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