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“Giant must die” is the first full-view giant theme real-time strategy hand tour, from the edge of science and technology research and development, fun game release. The world of the game is a magic and a variety of biological coexistence, full of ancient atmosphere and modern civilization chaos of the world, the world living in a variety of races, including humans, dwarves, elves and orcs, and even the ancient giant and sacred dragon The This is a unique mechanic magic style to open the door to the giant war world, for the players to show an outskind continent of the era of change.

[Game features]
– giant battle: the magic world giant attack
game in the magic world into the giant race, and “giant” as the core element. Offensive and defensive strategy on the basis of the game to join the giant line, the unique “giant ranch” catch play show “to small broad” hunting art, skills and strategic full, more able to show the player strength; the first to the giant as a carrier , Back box possession of Jones formed the Corps combat mode, reproduction of Trojan horse, fun full.

– 360 ° 3D perspective: started three-dimensional epic battle
design of the 3D strategy products, 360-degree switching perspective . Magnificent walls, patchwork of buildings, tall giants, flying goblin, low-flying gryphon, high-altitude passing dragon, shells and arrows, combined with 360-degree switchable 3D perspective, started three-dimensional space war, momentum Magnificent, bring a different combat experience.

– refers to the talk: non-ordinary
operation experience with finger drag Corps, command Corps attack direction of the operation, the army come in handy, which means which hit it. Finger and brain double challenge, strategy and tactical two-way cooperation, a comprehensive test exercise players operating skills and strategy level

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