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“Ghost Hunter” is Eyougame launched a Western magical 3D MMORPG hand tour. Pay attention to the Oriental aesthetic dim dark and stormy as the core of the game style, will open up new magic hand travel a new chapter.
Original game Mech combat vehicles, flying mounts, the ancient god wing, let you experience the magic supreme refreshing hunting trip!
Dozens of partners, strange technical assistance, one hundred kinds of formation you can mix and match to create different schools, three cargo escort team, world boss chest by Society of war Capture the Flag, territorial war chariot incarnation, 10V10 battlefield glory multiple real-time … interactive play, former comrade is waiting for you with open border enlarge land, ripper Monkey!

[Game Features]:
Welfare – flying mounts, ancient magic, free of charge, every day to send multiple benefits!
Partners – Dozens of partners, with freedom, create your unique fighting genre!
Play – World BOSS chest by inter-service copy 3V3, ancient Fam challenge themselves, the remains of a copy of the fun!
Drama – In hunting magic in the world, who is the ultimate big BOSS? Waiting for you to announced!

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