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Future. You are a Sniffer who travels across the universe in search of treasures. A new Solar system has been discovered recently and other hunters convened an important meeting there. However not everything went your way. What happened? Have you been betrayed?

Travel around unique planets, rich in diverse environments. Search for valuable treasures and discover the truth.

Collect artifacts and explore the history of the whole System. Purge planets of enemy units, such as space ships, tanks and combat robots.

Test your skills and agility. Use variety of weapons in order to achieve the greatest effectiveness.

Complete main missions and side-quests available now and stick around for free updates. Get to know all kinds of tasks and choose your favorite.

Sit behind the controls of many specific spaceships, equip them with appropriate weapons and repaint into one of many patterns.

– Customize your own spaceship and take part in epic planet battles!
– High-quality visuals including variety of planet environments and detailed 3D spaceship
– Diverse opponents such as robots, spacecraft, turrets, bosses.
– Many types of weapons – from minigun to powerful cannon laser. Upgrade it and deal as
much damage as you can!
– Collect powerful artifacts, upgrade them and discover their stories.

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