FUTURE BATTLE for Free on APK Download.

FUTURE BATTLE is a horizontal scrolls MOBA hand tour, in the game you will be with other players in real time 3V3 competitive war, feel “arcade sports” fun. Innovative 2D horizontal scroll angle will give you the classic experience of the red and white machine era, all the heroes have their own characteristics and design for the horizontal version of the unique skills. Open group, singled out, anti-kill, extreme escape, playing the dragon, the classic routines but not the same new experience.

[Play characteristics]
1, the ultimate operating experience to
restore the classic handle mode of operation, so that players in the battle after the recovery of red and white machine “jumping fun”, through their coquettish walk to play the enemy, complete the kill.
2, hearty fighting
horizontal version of the map, two front lines, for BOSS, fighting rhythm compact, an average of 10 minutes will be able to experience a hearty Battle, to adapt to the player fragmented time game.
3, heroic skills to enhance
each individual hero has three skills, each skill can be selected from 6

Download Link: https://www.taptap.com/app/26137