Fruit Ninja – Best Fan Animation

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Fruit Ninja – Best Fan Animation for Free on APK Download.

Whether it’s an Annoying Orange, an Angry Birds adaptation or a Drake meme, Fruit Ninja fans have found very creative ways to animate their own take on the game. Here’s some of our faves…

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Thank you to Annoying Orange, NicksplosionFX, FinalCutKing, Peter Johnson, The Amazing Spider-Dude, Wrangoo, Mr. Viral and for their videos.

Annoying Orange Vs. Fruit Ninja
Angry Birds Ninja (Angry Birds vs Fruit Ninja)
I am Fruit Ninja!
Lego Fruit Ninja!!!
Wolverine Claws Vs Fruit Ninja [For X-men Days of Futures Past]
Monster School : Fruit Ninja Challenge – Minecraft Animation
Drake Fruit Ninja