FREESTYLE 2: FLYING DUNK for Free on APK Download.

* 3-button expresses the passion and heat of street basketball!
– button three streets enjoy the fun of basketball! Dunk shot – at a time by simple operation!
– slam dunk, rebound, interceptors, such as implemented in practice basketball skills Mobile!

* Rabbit Head yen carry shells ears, back yen turtle and basketball!
– After wearing distinctive costumes of their own, I have the power to enjoy basketball!
– After you buy a nice outfit, with the attributes of my character UPUP!

* Choose a position that’s right for you, and enjoy the top coat!
– Midfield, small forward, shooting guard, power forward, point guard five positions!
– agreement with the players and match their personality and upbringing as my own special character!

* Character of the Court is right above me! Distance Becomes a basketball powerhouse!
– Follow the exciting story of the reign as the No.1 Street nonggugye!
– Real time away Enjoy Basketball 1on1, 2on2, 3on3 different ways!

* Street basketball has won our club!
– establishment of a club, join to become the Work Factor of our servers!
– PVP play street basketball together with club won through the buddy system!

* Colorful cartoon graphics look like a cartoon!
– Do you remember the day 10 years ago? Memories in colorful cartoon graphics!
– Try to play the best basketball in the street edge through stylish graphics!

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