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FISHING TIME 2016 Download

FISHING TIME 2016 for Free on APK Download.

-No need to tirelessly catch small fry for hours!
-Use the auto-fish feature for your convenience!
-Catch the big ones with your own hands!
■■■■■Wow! What a Bite!■■■■■
★Experience fishing in every sea!★
★Boat fishing, rock fishing, jigging and more!★
★Go on ocean fishing with beautiful professionals!★

■■■■■200+ Fish Types from Around the World!■■■■■
-Catch your all-time favorites, such as the blue marlin!
-Huge moray eels that lurk below!
-Enormous tunas that roam the seven seas!
-The exotic goblin shark!
-Sharks, whales, giant squids, crabs…all you can dream of, at the tip of your fingertips!

■■■■■Know the Tides!■■■■■
– Each region will yield various whoppers depending on the tide.
♣ Hint 1: Try the high tides for whoppers!
♣ Hint 2: High tides(red) are more likely to yield active, large fish compared to low tides(blue)!

■■■■■Fishing Tours■■■■■
-Fishing competitions where you can clash with other players from all over the world for prizes!

■■■■■Gear Upgrades■■■■■
-Create your own, ultimate gear!

■■■■■Sea’s Bounty■■■■■
-The sea not only gifts you with fish, but also relics and shells you can use to evolve your gear!

■■■■■It only takes 1 minute to immerse yourself into the realistic fishing world! ■■■■■

■■■■■East one-button play style for everyone, even players who have never fished before! ■■■■■
-One-button for fever skill, power skill and more!

■■■■■ Worldwide Famous Fishing Points■■■■■
– Experience the famous fishing spots of the world!

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