FINAL DRAGON KNIGHTS for Free on APK Download.

3D fantasy giant in the mobile gaming revolution! Final Dragon Knights!
This is a revolution of mobile games ARPG!
Swords and magic, dragons collaboration mobile game!
A variety of characters and monsters, skills and systems to Train Your Dragon!
The heat is the heat experienced by the gorgeous graphics Special effects!
Heat is also a fantastic adventure hit!
Now meet the new world of super action from Fahd and the world! Download now!

– Fahd major open my brilliant event!
1. Final Dragon Knights pre-scheduled events!
For those users who request a reservation now scheduled TOP10 mercenaries, cheongyeom rare items such as armor, as well as a large number of diamond and Upgrade Stone will gift!
Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy absolute Fahd me properly!

2. Goal events
Level equipment, achieve certain goals within the various content such as games Dungeon Passes paid just rewards!

– Game Features
1. World BOSS, dungeons, PVP and PVE guild variety of lighting systems arena
Maximize the variety of charging systems exist, the gameplay experience in this game!
PVP system between users of course!
World BOSS, dungeon, infinite Infinite Challenge of the PVE system, user, etc. guild battle continues!

2. The content of the various messages users
Lonely gameplay is enough!
Only clots and confrontation is not all!
And communicating with comrades or user doelsudo lover and let’s play!
Stall chat, friends party, friendship and love between a user’s aunt tigon transmission system x2! Haekjaem index of games x2!

3. With a win and a skill game system sanggeuk impact feel UP!
Skills and attributes of the monster machine!
土 (earth) Hugo potential for 火 (fire), 火 (fire) is the 冰 nokyimyeo (ice) 冰 (ice) and discard the frozen 火 (fire)!
Fak skill game is to win the game with a monster sanggeuk properties fun!

4. Dragon avatar system
Be the reigning monarch of the Dragon on the battlefield!
Red, blue, black dragon! Be the avatar with the prince tamed the dragon war of all monsters!

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