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▶ soft and colorful fantasy art
Unique art style of the original feel!
Oriental Art Art of Seduction is not ever seen!
Beautiful Feast of leading without end!

▶ boundaries of the disappeared Formation
The format battle to destroy the common sense here!
Beware the enemy did dig deep into allies!
Dynamic combat can not put the strap in tension!

▶ sticky solidarity with munpawon
I feel all the more powerful when it becomes Wow!
15:15 munpajeon to determine the strength between munpa!
Physical hitting the super-giant boss Subjugation Order!

▶ unexpected bonus goods
Horn capable of defeating the enemy acquire!
Youngrong up the shining pearl in the sapphire!
My constant effort is the cache back!

▶ 25 people in cooperative play with peers
Reid was real, real-time!
Dive down to Darling eases the ban is absolute!
Darling former does not allow even a moment’s distraction!

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