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Beidafeien mainland are under huge crisis, disputes continue between lords, war everywhere, banditry, the displacement of people. And hidden behind the shadow of the war – from ancient times the devil is waking up! Enchantment force aged seal the devil’s long gradual failure, fear of the unknown will further destroy people’s lives.
Warrior Knights ah, took up arms to fight for the future fate of it, you will survive in their own hands!
Legend: the devil’s seal strength gradually decline years ago, belongs to the forces of darkness devil quietly recovery. Priest predicted the devil’s come back, the king proposed the establishment of the fate of the Knights, maintaining world peace, defeat potential evil.

Infinite Dress: Accessible to switch all the equipment you can own, with strategic Knight equipment, achievement unique exclusive appearance.

Combat strategy: According to the enemy’s properties, select the appropriate equipment, with restraint and skills to meet the challenges of multi-style.

Warriors of the tower: the Cavaliers continue to challenge higher level opponents, strengthen their own power, to win a higher level of honors and awards.

Friends Association hit: friends and co-engaged the powerful BOSS, the original site of the attack, to choose the most powerful partner and best attack strategy together in pursuit of a bright destiny!

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