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Fatal Raid Android

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You can enjoy the authentic level of PC FPS on mobile.
First published! Peyital Reid CBT (Closed Beta) is also involved Please go take a variety of gift items such as games and culture vouchers!

◈ unrivaled quality

You can feel the sense of maximizing the impact and destruction to the enemy’s reactions depend on the best graphics and more realistic than the actual hit areas created with the Unreal engine.

◈ various multiplayer

Enjoy with friends 5:05 Deathmatch, real-time co-op mode to install the bomb hit and four people place the team defeated the giant boss brings a break to breathe without tension.

◈ Korea’s first print-multi-mode

Try never fully show off my skills is not seen as a fresh multi-Tournament Survival mode.

◈ solid single-player

In the sweat of hands clasped story unfolds challenge campaign mode, limits assault mode! It offers a rich content alone can constantly enjoy.

※ Notice
Play data are deleted during the CBT period before formally launched.

————————————————– ————————————————– —-

Peyital updated guidance ◈ ◈ Reid v1.0.153

TAKE updates enjoy the game a little more comfortable!

1. Scroll bug rankings
2. Remove the intro video games SKIP button
3. Touch Error Correction in chat
4. PK Invite a friend request popup error correction
5. Create a text clan Error Correction
6. Repair the red dots should not output when special weapons parts can be upgraded
7. achievements reward rating backgrounds output error correction
8. reward points can be displayed output error correction
9. When Kronos self-destruct before the Scourge fix synchronization problems
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