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1. Mission is an exciting story unfolds based on the solid

▶ Story mode: The NOVA recapture the city occupied by zombies Destiny fate! Be a hero in the story of the Special Soldier.

2. Full of fast-paced real-time combat PVP

▶ PVP Team Deathmatch: housed the essence of the real-time FPS PVP. Shooting from automatic mode to manual mode for novice FPS shooting mode utilizing the hands of the FPS Stay! Take a look at the teams show off their skills in Des mechi gray Basin!
▶ PVP bombing mission: a team is five people, please complete the mission! Meet fierce fighting strategies and extreme tension of going to occupy the main stronghold in the mobile.
▶ Survival mode: do not fight stick in the mouth. The Special One’s first mobile FPS Survival Tournament introduction! The Soldier is the last proof of your strength!

3. New challenges beyond the limits of FPS

▶ Challenge mode: jump over the tense and fast-paced zombie Busan! Try overcome the army of zombies daegongseup obtain generous reward.
▶ Boss: RPG Reid and special meeting of the FPS !! Four people work together to defeat the boss Putt zombies! The boss can be further strengthened to acquire special items only available before!

4. Mungchil stronger than when alone! Clan & Friends systems

▶ easy to join a clan, and the clan you challenged the strongest!
▶ honor of the clan and join the fight! Draw a generous reward according to contribution to wait
▶ invite friends to participate in the battle together! Add rewarded with a sticky jeonwooae than friendship can also be obtained!

5. Total core of the game! Feast of various weapons ~!

▶ Try to blow up head shot of a live taste of shooting an assault weapon!
▶ overpowered by the enemy and become a sniper rifle sniper sharpshooter!
▶ a total knife in the game? In te mache it is equipped with a variety of up chainsaw!

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