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Three special characters from the start
Bourgeois chic Wizard “fairy tale is it’s an old saying”
Only cute dude thief, “I just” cats can wear boots. “
Anywhere where unknown cutie bear, “Eating gomya” somewhere

Discover the charming fairy tale made the story of our only

# # Fairy Tale Fairy Tale RPG What action you ready to experience? # Is really a mobile game?
# Perry Is a fairy tale? # Bear cat character? # Immediate download

Game Features ■■■ ■■■
▶ a combination of fairy-tale mercenaries and skill, create the ultimate party
– Please play as a mercenary attacks linked to proceed according to the selected combination of skills

▶ effective strategic choice to fight
– Bring pull ttwiwoogo, crossed the finish dropping hot and cool the hottest action RPG

▶ realistic PVP as a mercenary party I created
– Create a party with Mercenary as necessary, try to attack linked to progress

▶ Choose a legendary weapon Take advantage of special skills.
– Try to choose one of the 10 kinds of legendary weapon skill combinations –

▶ not pointed wings that fly you wear? ~
– increases movement speed, the appearance and abilities will rise depending on the type

▶ 3 VS 3 mercenaries joined the party with friends and enjoy the AOS mode!
– Try to win the battle of death to be conducted in real time –

◆ Together with the equipment, I’ll Fashion Star
– it will change appearance when worn all items. Decorate as desired look –

◆ Stay tuned for updates of new fairyland.
– Please look forward to new friends and new maps tale and fairy tale story –

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…